Rubber Stamp and Candle Wedding Favours

Why would a business need a rubber stamp these days?

It is true that any business can simply obtain business paper and then print out their own labels and either attach the label with its own adhesive or else use a paste to apply it. While this solution works for the broadest range of needs, it is also true that businesses like a quicker solution that also authenticates a document or envelope. This type of custom rubber stamp might be a logo or else an often used phrase and often, they can be used as wedding rubber stamps for your big day.

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Rubber Stamps As Wedding Favours

A rubber stamp is a viable solution for unique wedding favours. This is a particularly British term for small gifts that are comparable to the business memento products that some people use to make sure that visitors remember the event by receiving something that they are able to keep. The difference between promotions products and a stamp is that the stamp can be inexpensive if applied to custom greeting cards.
Stamps might be offered as gifts in their own right, such as a stamp of a heart or adorable quotes such as "peace be with you gents." A stamp might be an inexpensive way for a bride and groom to personalize the event, but small stamps can be bought inexpensively and distributed to either guests or clerks. Something this versatile can provide a variety of ideas.

The market for this type of product is surprisingly large, and there are plenty of vendors that provide staple text solutions. An online order can place several lines of text on a punch stamp that is designed to render the ink smoothly across a flat surface. While a stamp is commonly applied to an envelope, it might also pass a valuable message on the inside of a post card. A stamp is usually generic but might pass as a signature calling card if original.

Obtaining a custom rubber stamp is fairly easy for print. For less than twenty pounds, the service can be ordered from several online vendors. The rubber stamp is automatically produce and likely inserted into the stamp by a robot. The service is cheap because it is a very quick job for a modern factory process. If the stamp is an image or else a combination of words and an image, then a much more specialized service is required.

Candles as Wedding Favours

Candles are also a popular item for a wedding favour. These can be very versatile as there are many types of candles and most of these can now be customised to commemorate the big day. These are a common choice due to candes being as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be and so are suitable for all kind of wedding budgets.

As well as this, there are a wide range of candles to choose from. They come in every colour to suite your chosen colour scheme as well in any scent. You may choose candles in jars so that you can print your wedding design on the front, or alternatively, you could choose tea light candles which are part of a bigger favour. 

Wedding favours are a lovely way to remind your guests of your special day and candles or rubber stamps are just a few ideas. Be as creative as you want!